Rhino Chokes & Gun Works

Custom Turkey Guns

Turkey Guns

Our custom turkey gun is a Beretta™ 390 or an Xtrna. Each turkey gun is fully customized, complete with trigger job, forcing cones, porting, sites or scope, point-of-impact adjustment, and custom choke tube. Every firearm is tested and shot at our patterning board numerous times to assure superior quality.

The turkey guns we provide produce 98% patterns inside a 27-inch circle at both 50 and 60 yards, using heavy shot loads. We also customize existing guns with the same level of quality. Our team customizes 10-, 12-, and 20-gauge shotguns to peak performance and downrange pattern.

Rhino Twisters & Speed Buttons

Our twisters are a forearm replacement cap designed for easy cleaning without tools. The existing cap for a Beretta 391 requires snap ring pliers for disassembling, but ours does not. Our cap also holds a spare choke tube which adds a little bit of weight to the forearm area. This creates added balance and better follow through on your target.

At Rhino Gun Cases, Inc., our professional gunsmiths install our Rhino speed buttons on Beretta 390s and 391s, as well as Benelli™ shotguns. These devices make it easier to close the bolt for quick loading applications.