Rhino Chokes

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Specializing In Ported Chokes

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your gun with ported choke tubes from Rhino Gun Cases Inc. of Williston, Florida.

Rhino ported choke tubes are the most technologically advanced and patented choke tubes in the world. These tubes are shot worldwide by some of the top shooters, including 15-time sporting clay world champion George Digweed.

Our ported choke tubes are available for almost every gun that has a screw-in choke tube system. Should we not have one in stock, we will make them for you upon request. We manufacture a vast line of choke tubes for virtually any shooting task. Our turkey hunting chokes have won awards worldwide nine times.

Unparalleled Performance

The waterfowl series have been commanding duck blinds for the last 25 years, providing unbelievable patterns and knockdown power. We provide buckshot tubes that produce patterns all the way out to 65 yards.

Rifled choke tubes made to shoot slugs produce groups of two inches at both 50 and 65 yards, and three to four inch groups at 100 yards. We also have choke tubes for bird hunting, skeet trap, and sporting clays.

Choke Tube Installations

Our professional gunsmiths install screw in choke tubes in most barrels. Rhino Gun Cases Inc. has different styles of installations that accommodate most manufactured guns.

We install flush-fit chokes or extended knurled chokes, as well as our competition-ported chokes. Should your barrels already have threads, then we make custom choke tubes to fit in all gauges. If your barrel is not currently threaded we may be able to help. Depending on how thin the wall of the barrel is we may be able to thread it for a choke system. Please consult our on-site gunsmith for details.

Rhino Ammunition

All Rhino Turkey Choke Tubes Are Compatible With Steel Shot

10G, 12G, 20G

1. Nitro Ammo ( Custom )
4, 5, 7 * Best Choice
4, 5, 6

2. Long Beard
5 or 6

3. Magnum Blend
5, 6, 7

20 Gauge

1. New Long Beard Ammo
2. 3inch Heavy Magnum
3. Remington 5 or 6


Decoy: 18-30 Yards
This choke can be used for sporting clays, quail, dove etc.

Mid-Range: 3o-45 Yards
This choke can be used for sporting clays and pheasant hunting, etc. This tends to be our most popular choke tube.

Extended-Range: 45-65 Yards
This choke can be used for sporting clays and trap shooting. This choke can also be used in home defense with buckshot and slugs.

All 3 waterfowl chokes are designed to shot black cloud, heavy shot, heavy metal, bismuth, tungsten and compatible with lead cartridges.

Choke System Guide

Gun Make/Model Choke System
Beretta Xtrema & Xtrema II Xtrema
Beretta 391 Tekneys Optima
Beretta 3901 BER/ BEN
Beretta ASE90 BER/ BEN
Beretta Silver Pigeon II Optima
Beretta Siverhawk Optima
Beretta DT10 Optima
Beretta DT11 Optima
HP Beretta 390 or A-303 BER/ BEN
Beretta Ureka Threads at top: BER/BEN Threads at the bottom Xetrema
Beretta 686 Mobil
Beretta 692 Optima
HP Beretta Black Onex Sporting BER/ BEN
Beretta AL390 Silver Mallard BER/ BEN
Beretta 682 BER/ BEN
Beretta Ureka BER/ BEN
Beretta A400 Xplor Optima
HP Beretta A400 Unico Optima
HP Beretta A400 Xplor Light Optima
HP Berretta A400 Novator Optima
HP Beretta SV10 Perennia I & II Optima
HP Beretta SV10 Prevail I & V10 Prevail Ill Optima
HP Beretta UGB25 Xcel Sporting Optima
HP Beretta A400 Optima
HP Beretta A400 Parallel Optima
Benelli SBE Mobil
Benelli SBE II Crio
Benelli SBE III Crio
Benelli Supersport Optima
Plus Benelli M2 & M2 Tactical Xtrema
Benelli M1 BER/BEN
Benelli Super Nova BER/BEN
Benelli Montefeltro (Before 2011) BER/BEN
Benelli Vinci/Super Vinci (2011) Xtrema
Benelli Sport II (2011) Xtrema
Benelli Montefeltro (2011) Xtrema
Benelli Super Sport (2011) Xtrema
Benelli Ultra Light (2011) Xtrema
Benelli 828U Crio
Benelli Legacy (New) Optima Plus
Browning Gold Invector Plus
Browning BPS Invector Plus
Browning BT99 Invector Short
Browning 525 Invector Plus
Browning Maxus  Invector Plus
Browning Citori Invector Plus -> 725 is DS Series
Browning Silver Invector Plus
Browning Silver Stalker Invector Plus
Caesar Guerini  Maxis
Escort Pump BER/BEN
H & R Invector Short
Mossberg 500/530/535  Invector Short
Mossberg Tactical Pump Invector Short
Mossberg 9200 Invector Short
Mossberg 930 Invector Short
Mossberg Silver Reserve Invector Short
New England Pump Invector Short
Remington 870/887/1187/1100 Remington
Remington Baikal Tru Choke
Remington SPR 453  Tru Choke
Remington Spartan  Probore G3
Remington CTI  Probore G3
Remington Versa Max Probore G3
Stoeger M3500  BER/BEN
Stoeger Threads at Top BER/BEN
Stoeger Threads at Bottom Remington
Stoeger 2000 BER/BEN
Smith & Wesson  BER/BEN
Smith & Wesson Elite Silver  BER/BEN
Winchester 1400 Invector Short
Winchester 1300 Invector Short
Winchester Super X  Invector Plus
Winchester Super X2 Mag  Invector Plus
Winchester Super X3 Invector Plus
Winchester Ranger 140 Invector Short
Winchester Diamond Grade 101 Invector Short
Winchester 1200  Invector Short
Thompson Center  Invector Short
Thompson Center Encore Invector Short
Thompson Center Pro Hunter Invector Short
Franchi Threads at the Top: BER/BEN
Miroku Standard Zoli
Ithaca 87  Invector Short
Ithaca 37 Invector Short
Rugar  Sporting RSC
Rugar Red Label Invector Short
Stoger BER/BEN
TriStar  BER/BEN
Weatherby Invector Short