About Rhino Chokes

Specializing In Ported Chokes

Rhino ported choke tubes are the most technologically advanced and patented choke tubes in the world. These tubes are shot worldwide by some of the top shooters, including 15-time sporting clay world champion George Digweed.

Our ported choke tubes are available for almost every gun that has a screw-in choke tube system. Should we not have one in stock, we will make them for you upon request. We manufacture a vast line of choke tubes for virtually any shooting task. Our turkey hunting chokes have won awards worldwide nine times.

Unparalleled Performance

The waterfowl series have been commanding duck blinds for the last 25 years, providing unbelievable patterns and knockdown power. We provide buckshot tubes that produce patterns all the way out to 65 yards.

Rifled choke tubes made to shoot slugs produce groups of two inches at both 50 and 65 yards, and three to four inch groups at 100 yards. We also have choke tubes for bird hunting, skeet trap, and sporting clays

Hear from Rhino & Cory Kruse

Find out all you ever wanted to know about Rhino Chokes and hear why the best of the best including 2-time national champion Cory Kruse choose Rhino over the competition.