EDM Progressive Porting, Forcing Cones, etc.

Please consult our price list below for current pricing on our state-of-the-art gunsmith services.

Rhino EDM Progressive Porting

After 120 days of testing all sizes, shapes, and designs of ports, our computerized design out-performs all other porting available. This is accomplished with less wad sheer due to a one-and-a-half degree of entry to our ports.

These ports have virtually no leading edge to cut or shear the wads, which produces the large amount of plastic buildup in the holes and barrel. When the wad has been cut by porting, the shot has less protection from deformation in the choke are. Our design of elongated ports that are not at 90 degrees create no plastic buildup in them.

Barrel Porting

Not only do we offer the 13 holes on each side of the barrel via EDM Progressive Porting, we also offer 6 hole porting on each side of the barrel. Rhino barrel porting is the most advanced in the world today. Top American shooters, including Brad Kidd and Kory Kruse, have all made comments that the secret to speed is in the economy of motion. Both of these shooters said that they never lost sight acquisition of the target they were shooting once the trigger was pulled.

They also said they were able to fire the second round at the next target with an unbelievable amount of less muzzle rise. Both said they had never experienced anything like this before. Our porting reduces muzzle jump by a minimum of 87%.

Forcing Cone Lengthened & Polished

This procedure changes the internal angle of the transition area from chamber to barrel. Most guns are backboard and shooters believe that forcing cones have already been installed, but this is incorrect.

We use special tools to change the angle and then lap the barrel and hone it to a mirror finish. The results are 18% to 21% improvement in more uniform patterns, as well as 11% to 14% reduction of recoil and shot deformation. This is because the transition is not so abrupt as the wads and pellets pass this speed bump in your barrel.

Trigger Job

Shooters and professional gunsmiths agree that trigger jobs are a must for the liability of many manufacturers are tested daily. This is why most shotguns come with a seven to 10-pound trigger. These triggers are not adequate for a competitive shooter. When the mind says you are there at the proper lead, the gun must go off with ease without pulling it off target.

GraCoil® Recoil Reduction Unit

This is a system that is designed for those who are recoil sensitive. One system is adjustable up, down, left, and right at the recoil pad area. The other system is also adjustable in this manner, but also has adjustable in and out features for length of pull. These systems are also adjustable in tension and weight for more or less recoil. Each system is custom installed with a lightning-fast turnaround time.


(As of 04/01/2018)

EDM Barrel Porting (6 or 13 holes per side) $120.00 (per barrel)
Forcing Cones Lengthened & Polished $75.00 (per barrel)
Cut, Tap & Thread Barrel $165.00 (per barrel)
Field Test $90.00
Install KickEez Recoil Pads $110.00 (and up)
Trigger Job (Autos) $75.00
Function Reliability Tune-Up (Autos) $60.00
GraCoil® Recoil Reduction Unit $460.00 (and up)
Point-of-Impact (POI) $90.00

Contact Us

If you would like our professional gunsmiths to perform any of the above work to your barrel please send it to our address, located on the Location & Contact page. When you send us the barrel or gun that you wish to have work performed on, please be sure to include the following information along with your package:

  • Customer’s Full Name
  • Return Shipping Address
  • Daytime Phone Number
  • List of work you wish to have performed

All customer’s will be billed upon completion of the work so please be certain that you do in fact want work performed prior to shipping it to us. If you are sending in a gun for repair & you should need the gunsmith to field test your firearm, please indicate that as well. The gunsmith will not test your gun prior to repair if it is not indicated. All work is completed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please allow 2-4 weeks for work to be completed. If you should have any specific questions that were not answered in the information above please feel free to call us toll-free at (800) 226-3613 between the hours of 9am-5pm EST Monday through Friday and we will be more than happy to assist you.