Rhino’s Pro Staff

Cory Kruse

Cory Kruse is a 38yr old Native Texan who began his shooting journey in 1997. With the help and support of family, friends and sponsors, over the last 25 years Cory has been able to attain many championships.

Cory has been shooting Rhino Chokes since 2008 and chooses the .017 Ported G1 Chokes as his go to for all presentations. He currently resides in the Texas Hill Country with his beautiful Wife and Daughter and continues his pursuit to add more championships to the list below.


  • 25-Time Consecutive NSCA All-American
  • 2-Time NSCA National Main Event Champion
  • 2019 World Sporting Clays Champion
  • 2018 US Open Champion
  • 6-Time Texas State Champion
  • 3-Time NSCA National Championship All-Around Champion
  • 2004 Captain Team USA & All-American Team

Desi Edumnds

Desi began shooting at the age of 14 in Anchorage, Alaska through the Local Fish & Game program. Over the next several years, with her parents and local support, she began to shoot leagues and weekend tournaments at her home club Grouse Ridge in Wasilla, Alaska. Grouse Ridge’s owner Harry Brunnhoelz Sr. took her under his wing and gave Desi her first shooting lessons.

She shot her first Nationals in 2004 and her first U.S. Open in 2005. These were the beginnings of many more years of travel for sporting clays tournaments. Desi stepped onto the world scale and shot her firat World event in 2012. Since then, she has amassed multiple National & World Championships for herself and her country.


  • 6-time NSCA Championship Tour Ladies 1st 3-time PSCA Tour Ladies Champion
  • 2-time U.S. Open Ladies Champion
  • 2-time Ladies National Champion
  • 2-time World English Lady Gold
  • 3-time World Fitasc Lady Bronze
  • 5-time World Cup Ladies Bronze
  • 11-time Lady All-American
  • 8-time All-American Lady Captain
  • 17-time Ladies Team USA

Reanna Frauens

“I grew up hunting with my father and practiced for bird hunting by shooting clays. After becoming members at Quail Creek Plantation (now known as Quail Creek Sporting Ranch), we came across their youth shooting team, “Young Guns.” I joined my freshman year of high school and started my shooting journey by competing heavily within the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) on a local, regional and national level. I branched out into the National Sporting Clay Association (NSCA) soon after and began competing extensively within the NSCA Championship Tour. Throughout the past few years, I’ve been blessed with many notable sponsors that support my shooting career and have provided many opportunities that have helped me grow as both a competitor and person.”

What’s your advice on getting new shooters involved?

“Don’t be intimidated nor discouraged! Everyone starts somewhere and learns at different paces. Learn to have fun with the sport before taking it too seriously. When you’re ready to take that next step, be sure to find a coach whom you connect with personally and teaches a shooting style that is comprehensive to your abilities. If you are a youth shooter, get involved with the SCTP by joining a team at your local club. Here, you will learn firearm safety, shooting fundaments, and teamwork in a safe and encouraging environment. The SCTP is the feeding tunnel to USA Shooting and is a great push start for many other National Shooting Organizations.”


  • 2018 First Female to shoot 200/200 in Trap at SCTP National Championships
  • 2018 & 2019 SCTP Last Competitor Standing Champion
  • 2019 & 2020 SCTP Lady HOA National Champion
  • 2020 NSCA FITASC Lady National Champion
  • 2020 NSCA K-Cup Lady National Champion
  • 2021 NSCA Florida State Lady Sporting Clay, FITASC and 5-Stand Champion
  • 2021 ATA Florida State Lady High All-Around Champion
  • 2021 Lady All-American Team Captain – Sporting Clays

Brad Kidd, Jr.

Brad Kidd Jr. is a professional shotgun shooting coach (Sporting clays, trap, skeet, wing shooting).  

His services include:  target setting, course design, professional sporting clay shooter/competitor, corporate entertainment, celebrity shooter appearances, youth shooting schools and camps hosting, product endorsement, consulting, and event coordination.

Brad has thousands of hours of coaching experience teaching all levels, beginner through advanced. He has helped take multiple beginners all the way to making the NSCA All-American Team and is the full time coach of the #1 Ranked Veteran (55 & up) Shooter in the World.


  • NSCA National Champion
  • US Open, World English, World FITASC silver medalist
  • 20-time All-American
  • 10-time Team USA member
  • Brad mostly uses Rhino’s Rhino G1 .025

Turner Parcell

Turner began competitive shooting when he was 13 years old by joining his youth shooting team at the local gun club in Swansea, South Carolina. The youth programs of South Carolina provided a foundation for him to learn the different disciplines of skeet, trap, and sporting clays. During his first year of shooting, he started to branch out into NSCA registered shoots participating in local circuit shoots, then his first regional, and before he knew it, he was attending Nationals in San Antonio, Texas as a Sub-Junior in 2018. Now as a Junior, he practices at his home club at Rocky Creek Sporting Clays in Richburg, SC.

As Turner began his shooting career in youth programs, he supports other youth getting involved in the sport, and even coaches in his spare time.  He encourages others to experience this sport of discipline, integrity, accountability, and friendships. He loves the excitement of hitting the orange clay, and hopes others do so as well!

Turner has been shooting Rhino Chokes for a year and half. The difference in shot pattern, and power of hitting the target is second to none. Turner’s motto is to “Send It!”, and Rhino Chokes certainly help him do just that.


  • 2022 HOA Caribbean Classic
  • 2021 US Open 20 Gauge HOA
  • 2021 NSCA Nationals Junior 3rd Place
  • 2021 East Coast Championship Master 1st
  • 2021 Sub-Junior All American Team Captain
  • 2021 South Carolina State Resident Runner Up
  • 2020 SCTP National Senior Division Runner-up
  • 2020 NSCA Championship Tour Sub-Junior Champion
  • 2020 NSCA National Sub-Junior Runner-up
  • 2020 NSCA National White Flyer All Around Champion
  • 2020 2x NSCA Regional Sub-Junior HOA (Western & Northeast Regional)
  • 2019 NSSA South Carolina Skeet State HOA
  • 2019 SCTP National Intermediate Division Champion
  • 3-time NSCA All American
  • 3-time South Carolina Youth Shooting Foundation Champion
  • 4-time  SC SCTP High Overall Champion